About Hashtgerd

A city in the heart of Iran

Hashtgerd New Town is located on the southern slope of the Alborz Mountains and on the northern margin of Iran’s Central Desert and is climatically divided between mountainous climates and semiarid and arid climates. According to the general climate classification of this region is Mediterranean.

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With the support of the Civil Society Corporation of Alborz Public Libraries and in promoting the culture of books and reading

27 July 2019|

Hashtgerd New Civil Society Public Relations reports, aiming to [...]

Hashtgerd New Town celebration as the second new learning city in the world was held by UNESCO at the site of the city’s civil society with the participation of the board of directors of the New Cities Civil Society and city officials and media associates

27 July 2019|

Hashtgerd New Town as the second new learning city [...]

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